Rocketeer - Um futuro perdido

Joe Johnstone afirmou há pouco tempo que desejava fazer uma sequela de Rocketeer, um dos seus filme mais antigos. Com o sucesso de Captain America e a confirmação da crítica, quem sabe se o que estava planeado há 21 anos atrás, se pode afinal tornar realidade:

from wikipedia
The film was released on June 21, 1991 and bombed at the box office, but received generally favorable reviews from critics. Plans for Rocketeer sequels were abandoned after the poor box office performance (due to the release of Terminator 2 on the same weekend).

From the beginning of the process of making The Rocketeer, creator Dave Stevens and screenwriters Danny Bilson and Paul De Meo envisioned it as the first entry of a trilogy. Disney, in particular, hoped the film would carry a vein similar to the Indiana Jones franchise. Both Campbell and Connelly were contracted for sequels; Campbell for two more and Connelly for only one. However, with the film's dismal box office performance, plans for a sequel were halted in July 1991. "[Unfortunately] the movie didn’t make as much money as Disney had hoped," Campbell reflected in a January 2008 interview with MTV News. "And that coupled with the acrimonious relationship that the director [Joe Johnston] and the studio had, contributed to them not even considering it."

Although the calls for a sequel remain unrequited, however, as with many films of this genre, the movie has built up a cult following both stateside and in Japan, where until 2008, Medicom, a major toy manufacturer issued two versions of 12" poseable action figures and replica helmets based on the film. The original Dave Steven's comics are still in demand and movie memorabilia continues to have a ready audience."

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