'Starlog' Magazine: Crazy Movie Rumors Before The Internet

Um artigo soberbo, de quando os rumores cinéfilos não eram nada mais do que uma migalha, comparados com o que a internet faz nos dias de hoje...

O texto é um pouco extenso, mas revela rumores e comentários de filmes como Star Wars e sequelas, Star Trek, Superman ou até mesmo de um misterioso filme que reunia Lucas e Spielberg!

Dos excertos, os meus favoritos:
Sobre Star Wars:
  • Pergunta do leitor: My friend says that "Star Wars" was filmed in its entirety and cut into three parts, of which we have seen the first. Resposta da revista: Your friend has an excellent imagination.

Sobre The Empire Strikes Back:
  • "The Millennium Falcon falls into a black hole -- with Luke, Leia, Han, Chewie and Darth Vader aboard -- and travels through time."
  • "It is said that Han Solo and Chewie land on a desert planet where they meet time travelers from Earth's 13th century who are trying to fight off Stormtroopers with catapults and crossbows."
  • "Near the climax, Han Solo crosses lightsabers with Darth Vader. Although Han doesn't really know how to use the weapon, he's doing fairly well when suddenly the light beams are "fused" together and Han's and Vader's "life forces" are intermingled. Luke has a chance to come to the rescue -- but if he kills Vader, might he not kill his friend too?"

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