Star Trek: Planet of the Titans (Cancelled movie)

Philip Kaufman was hoping to write and direct a Star Trek film in 1976, several years before Star Trek: the Motion Picture was released. While ST:TMP was not exactly Star Wars, Kaufman’s ideas were a bit too non-Treky. In the script for Star Trek: Planet of the Titans, Kirk and his reunited Enterprise crew must go 1,000 years back in time to find the legendary Titans, but once there, the crew discover that they, themselves, are the basis for the Titan myths. Kirk somehow gets trapped in the past and lives alone for decades as a sort of Robinson Crusoe in space. Spock and the others return to the 23rd Century and must deal with a ‘Samurai-like’ Klingon, played by legendary Japanese actor Toshiro Mifune (Rashamon, the Seven Samurai, Yojimbo, Throne of Blood). Kaufman described his interpretation of Star Trek this way… “My idea was to make it less "cult-ish", and more of an adult movie, dealing with sexuality and wonders rather than oddness”. He even had a scene with Spock and Mifune’s Klingon character “Tripping out in space”. It was all very ‘out-there’. Kaufman himself knew that he was going to push some buttons. He said, “I'm sure the fans would have been upset, but I felt it could really open up a new type of science fiction.” Both the studio and Trek creator Gene Roddenberry agreed that fans would be upset. Also, William Shatner didn’t like the script because it focused mostly on Spock as the main character, leaving Kirk stuck in the distant past.

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